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Dinosaurs are the main attraction of every park in Parkasaurus. They are separate by classes and have their own needs and characteristics, such as color, sex, name, diet, biome, social needs and more. Dinosaurs can also wear Hats, which change their appearance and can give special perks. This page includes a list of all dinosaurs in the game and a brief explanation of their attributes. Please note that as the game is in Early Access, this page might be changed in the future.

Exhibit[edit | edit source]

Exhibits are where your dinosaurs live, and they can be customized to ensure the happiness of your prehistoric friends. Each dinosaur has their favorite Biome, wich have their own set of characteristics. Tile types determine wich Biomes can be created in an exhibit: Grass tiles allow Forest, Rainforest and Taiga to be created. Desert tiles are used for Desert, Prairie and Savanna. Mud tiles can be used for Tundra, Alpine and Swamp. Biomes are created when the terrain and humidity of the exhibit are changed. The Biome graph can be viewed in the Info tab of each exhibit.

The Biodiversity of an exhibit affects your dinosaur's happiness. It can be changed by adding more trees, bushes and rocks to the exhibit (the number of items necessary increases with the area of the exhibit) Each plant and rock needs to be placed on specific tiles, listed on their description (hover the mouse over it's thumbnail in the Scenery tab to see the description).

Dinosaurs also need a minimum size (measured in ft²) to live happily inside an exhibit. The minimum size of the exhibit can increase or decrease depending on the number of dinosaurs that live in it. For example, a single Stegossaurus needs 420ft², two need 840ft², and so on.

The Appeal of an exhibit depends on the dinosaurs that live there, and affects how much the guests like it. Appeal of a particular dino grows over time. Higher tier dinos start with more appeal. All the information about an exhibit can be viewed by clicking on the fence that surrounds it.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

There are two types of dinossaurs in the game: herbivores (vegetarian), and carnivores. Herbivore dinosaurs can only eat plants from a Vegetarian Feeder, while carnivores only eat meat from a Meat Feeder. Plants and Meat may be bought from their respective shops in the Town. It is also possible to order a daily supply of each, wich will be delivered every morning near the entrance of your park.

Feeders have different sizes, ranging from small to large, and the special Tray Feeder and Tower Feeder for Sauropods. Veterinarians will refill empty feeders automatically if the corresponding box in their Tasks tab is checked. They also need at least one door and one unit of plants or meat to use.

Privacy[edit | edit source]

When viewing your dinosaurs, guests affect their Privacy negatively, wich decreases the dinosaurs' happiness. Increasing the privacy of an exhibit makes it more difficult for your guests to view the dinosaurs, so it is necessary to achieve balance to ensure the happiness of your dinosaurs and the satisfaction of your guests.

Privacy can be viewed through a heatmap, by clicking on the eye icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen - Green indicates that the tile is very private, while yellow, orange and red tiles are not. The special Privacy Tiles, found on the Terrain tab, are always green. Opaque walls increase the privacy of nearby tiles, while paths decrease the privacy of nearby tiles.

When a dinosaur's Privacy meter is low, it will hide in Privacy Tiles until it's refilled. When that happens, the dinosaur will roam around the exhibit again.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health determines how healthy your dinosaur is. Veterinarians will automatically heal your dinosaurs if the corresponding box in their Tasks tab is checked.

Social[edit | edit source]

Each dinosaur needs one mate (a dinosaur of the opposite sex) and friends of the same species depending on their nature (Herd or solitary).

Herd dinosaurs need a mate and other dinos of the same species in order to satisfy their social needs. Solitary dinosaurs only need one mate to be happy.

Currently dinosaurs do not breed despite the "Allow Breeding" box in the Info tab, but it may be added in a future update.

Enrichment[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs play with toys to fill their Enrichment bar.

There is currently one toy in the game, the Toy Ball, wich can be unlocked in the Hearts tree.

List of dinosaurs[edit | edit source]